Wicked Greenz

As the name suggests, this place is wicked awesome! There’s an earthy fresh vibe throughout the restaurant from the plants hanging on the walls, to the old timey hanging lights. The chalk board art is beautiful and informative with some wonderful advice and keeps with the eco conscious vibe. Spring and Summer will see the folding glass doors in the front open to bring the outdoors in. The people there are friendly and always willing to give a little guidance if you just can’t decide (like me). With the utilization of their new app, you can easily place an order for the items of your choice and breeze through any kind of line for your pickup. When you use the app, you accrue points to spend on more food! Win-Win all around!!!

On to the food, shall we? As i’m sure you can imagine from the name, the food is fresh and delicious! I like to go here when I feel like i’ve been cheating too much on my diet (all the time). It’s that guilt free kind of tasty that leaves you feeling full, but also gives you the brag worthy satisfaction that you are putting all good things in your body. Isn’t that what all the healthy people say, that food is just fuel? Well I’m not even mad if it is, because it is delightful going down. Between the salmon salad, the Hawaiian wrap, and the soul warming gumbo, you really can’t go wrong. If you happen to become obsessed with their salad dressing like I have, they sell it! Now you can put that ish on everything!

Along with their wonderfully scrumptious menu, they also sell a few golden goodies. They have old school branded sodas in glass bottles (because they’re environmentally responsible), and a little stand of Sweet Street desserts. I believe in balance with everything in my life, which means if I eat a super healthy wrap, i’ve got a little extra room for an amazing brownie or cookie. Keeping with Wicked Greenz’ theme, Sweet Street only uses cage free eggs, natural sugar, and antibiotic free butter. Remember, we’re eating clean here. 😉

Did I forget to mention that they cater AND deliver??? Or that they are opening up a location in O’Fallon, Mo? Keep going Wicked Greenz, we love you!



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