Wicked Smoke Bar-B-Que

One of the newest bbq restaurants in the STL area is here and making a big impression on us! Wicked Smoke bar-b-que is located in Waterloo, Illinois in a strip mall on route 3. They sell out often, so it’s really important that you get there early or call ahead of time! They cater events and will sell their meats by the pound. As a true fan of all things barbecue, Wicked Smoke has become a true favorite of mine!

So, let’s talk food! First up, I started with dessert. I learned this trick from my aunt when I was little that if you start with the thing you want most, you’ll never have an issue saving room for it. Also, there are studies that show starting your meal with a sugar jump starts the metabolism, but let’s be real, you shouldn’t trust my science or metabolism knowledge. Anyway- the deep fried Oreos were an item that the owners took into great consideration. They loved them at state fairs and such, but wanted to make sure that theirs had a little more crunch to it instead of essentially an Oreo baked in a pancake. They’re warm and have a light crunch to the outside while the middle is just a mess of chocolatey goodness.  Delightful all in all, and I wouldn’t go back again without grabbing a few to go… you know, on my way to the gym… haha.

From there, the barbecue processional started. We had the ribs, the wings, the pulled pork sandwich, and there was even a side of potato salad topped with bacon in there somewhere and a basket of fried green tomatoes. Basically, we made sure we covered our bbq bases. Wicked Smoke has a specific spice blend that they like to incorporate into all of their meats. It’s sweet, it’s smoky, and for someone who can’t handle the heat from a Slim Jim, it actually has a lovely finishing spice that’s family friendly.

The wings were super meaty and tender with a delicate finishing kick from the seasoning. The ribs were smoky and sweet. And the pulled pork was just the way I love it, with chewy caramelized ends. There was no need for sauce with the pulled pork though, as it had enough flavor all by itself. For a bbq sauce lover, that was a bit difficult for me to understand, but it proved true and stood on it’s own with a fluffy bun.

So, if you happen to be running errands across the river, or even just in the mood for a new bbq joint, you’ve gotta check these guys out! I’ve been dreaming of the next time I’ll get to go back and I can promise you I’ll try to order something else, but these were all instant favorites of mine. (I’ll come back for you brisket!!!)

Happy Eating!!

Here’s their Facebook page!



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