Stacked STL

The true burger lovers’ restaurant, Stacked STL is a cool corner shop with a lot of great things going for it. Because we can’t just rush into things, let me paint the picture. When you first walk in, you are given a number of tables to sit at, or the bar (you can’t go wrong there). There’s a cute booth to sit in (king spot!) or you can be the weirdo with the camera sitting at the corner table. 😉 Wherever you decide to sit will be just fine, because let’s face it…you didn’t come here to look at the place – even though it’s got some pretty cool decorations, a sort of industrial look, and nice tall windows to give the room an open feeling – you came to eat a burger! A masterfully made, wonderful piece of creation that you can clearly tell I didn’t like at all… Well, we tried to talk about the atmosphere, but are far too distracted by the wonderful song that is sung just for our tastebuds.

And on to the food! They do serve some amazing apps as well as wonderful salads if you’re looking for something a bit lighter or just not in the mood for a burger. Lettuce start out by saying that they have both vegetarian and vegan options! Those of you who need to know that, you’re welcome, these burgers are pretty great for you too! Now for those of you up for the challenge, you have the option of picking any of the specialty burgers that are mouthwatering in their own right. Which with names like “Big Fat Greek Burger”, “Gobbler”, “The Hairy Pig”, and “Big Kahuna”, they can’t be bad! If you are one of those people that doesn’t want to color in the lines or conform to society’s expectations for what a burger should be…a real individual, you can order off the “Think you can do it better?” menu. From here you customize your bun, protein, sauces, and any other specialty condiments and toppings you can think of.

“The Blue Beast” is what I have decided to name my burger, because magnificent things need names. What was on it? Better question is what wasn’t on it! I started simple with their traditional bun and a medium rare beef patty (I don’t need any distractions from the main event). That’s where amateur hour ended. From there we added spinach, sweet peppers, red onions, bacon, crispy onions, blue cheese, and BBQ sauce to top it off (I think that was it…?) On the side, I had some garlic Parmesan fries because mama didn’t raise a quitter and topped everything off with a cold brew. I sometimes feel as if describing meals as life-changing is too over-the-top, but in this case it just feels right. It was a burger. It was an experience. It was amazing. I am satisfied and will compare the burger I had there to every burger hereafter. The line has been drawn STL…time to stack up your game!

Until next time!

– Bridget


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