Capitalist Pig

While the name sounds like a wonderfully terrible insult to call someone in this day and age, the food is anything but insulting. Housed in the old police station across the street from the Anheuser-Busch brewery, Capitalist Pig and the Mad Art gallery share the historic building to create something truly unique. The experience is the main draw for going and the food keeps you going back. They are a whole hog bbq restaurant focused on sustainable farming and responsible treatment practices. All of their meat and produce come from small, family owned local farms without hormones or antibiotics and their containers are all compostable and eco friendly. These responsible roasters are cooking up with a conscience that translates to dangerously delicious food.

My trip there was highlighted by eating in one of the old jail cells that make for a feature unique to the pig. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with sides of the mac and cheese and cole slaw. In a sense I was able to double up since I made friends with someone who ordered the pulled pork nachos. Maybe it was my magnetic personality, or maybe it was just me getting really excited about how amazing they looked, but all I had to do was invite him to share a cell with me and boom- nachos. Overall, the pulled pork was tender, juicy, and amazing. Everything that a place named for their pork should be able to provide. The craft BBQ sauces like their dark chocolate bbq allowed for twists on a wonderfully done classic. The sandwich was great and exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered it and the cheesy Mac was all that and a side of cole slaw. The slightly commandeered pulled pork nachos were abundantly cheesy and had a healthy amount of pork all over them to allow enough for each chip. We topped the nachos with more of the homemade bbq sauces and managed to clean the plate faster than we could finish discussing how crazy St. Louis weather is. (I’m great at eating… small talk- i’m working on.)

Capitalist Pig ended up being a wonderful lunch spot and I couldn’t be happier that I visited. It was everything that my California-conscious-self wanted in a responsible eatery and everything that my Missouri-transplant-mouth wanted in taste. So go spend an hour eating in the slammer after a tour of the brewery or visit for their brunch that I will be trying here soon! Either way, sitting in the slammer has never been so delicious, or so I imagine. 😉



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