Chimi’s Fresh Mex-Florissant

Chimi’s Fresh Mex-Florissant
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Chimi’s Fresh Mex:

“Chimi’s Restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine. As it name implies, chimichangas are the signature house specialty dish. Chimi’s offers a variety of items that include beef, chicken seafood and pork. Vegetarian dinners and combination plates are also available.”

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4 reviews on “Chimi’s Fresh Mex-Florissant

    laura mesick

    first time their was faboluos


    I agree. Great Mexican food and fun atmosphere .. Clean with friendly service

    Jay Johnsone

    Bring your own ziplock bag or Tupperware. Free Salsa. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jay Johnsone

    salsa is free! Bring your own dish.